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 Gari or Ẹbà is a staple food eaten in West Africa, particularly in the Southern parts of Nigeria made from cassava (manioc) flour, known in West Africa as gari.

To make ẹbà, gari flour (which should be further pounded or ground if not already ‘fine’) is mixed into hot water and stirred well with a large wooden spoon until it becomes like a firm dough, firmer than, say, mashed potatoes, so it can be rolled into a ball and can keep its shape.

To eat, a small amount of ẹbà is taken with the fingers and rolled into a small ball and dipped into the ọbẹ (a thick soup) such as okro soup, bitter leaf (ewurò) soup or pepper soup (ọbẹ ata or efo depending on dialect) with either okroọgbọnọ (Igbo)/apọn (Yorùbá), or ewédú, meat or fish, stewed vegetables or other sauces such as gbegiri or egusi soup (melon).

Other staples in Sub-Saharan Africa include AmalaKenkey and Fufu in West AfricaUgali in East Africa, and Sadza in Southern Africa, though these may also be made with the flour of maize or other starchy root vegetables.

Ẹbà is made from dried grated cassava. It can either come as yellow or an offshade of white. The yellow garri is often eaten by the Igbo tribe of Nigeria. It is made from mixing dried grated cassava with palmoil. Gari is very rich in starch and carbohydrate. It is quite heavy as a meal and a staple food of the western Nigerians. It is often eaten with richly made soups and stews, with beef, stockfish or mutton depending on personal taste. For most Nigerians, especially the southern part, no meal gives quite as much satiety as this delicacy.

Moi Moi

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Moi moi

Moinmoin or Moyi-Moyi is a Nigerian steamed bean pudding made from a mixture of washed and peeled black-eyed peasonions and fresh ground peppers (usually a combination of bell peppers and chili or scotch bonnet). It is a protein-rich food that is a staple in Nigeria. Some adaptations also put apples in MoinMoin. It originated from either Eastern Nigerian or South-West Nigeria.

Moin moin is prepared by first soaking the beans in cold water until they are soft enough to remove the fine outer covering or peel. Then they are ground or blended (using a blender) until a fine paste is achieved. Salt,bouillon cube, dried crayfishvegetable oil (or any edible oil such as palm oil) and other seasonings are added to taste. Some add sardinescorned beef, sliced boiled eggs, or a combination of these and other ‘garnishes’ to liven up moin moin. Such is referred to as having ‘x’ number of lives, ‘x’ representing the number of garnishes added. The most touted is “moin moin elemi meje”, which translates to moin moin with 7 lives.

Moin moin usually comes in a slanted pyramid shape or a cylindrical shape, owing to the mold it is poured into prior to cooking. The pyramid shape comes from the traditional broad “ewe eran” (Thaumatococcus daniellii) orbanana leaves fashioned into a cone in one’s palm, then the seasoned and garnished liquid is poured into the leaves, which is then folded.

The cylindrical shapes come from empty cans of tomato sauce used in preparation of other dishes. Once placed in its mold, it is placed in a large pot about a tenth filled with water. The water is the source of steam that cooks the moin moin. Moin moin is eaten alone or with bread as a snack, with rice as a meal or with ogi (corn or millet porridge) for breakfast or supper. it can also be taken with garri in the afternoon.

moi moi

moi moi

Boiled Yam

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Boiled Yam can be served with various sauces . It is packed with carbohydrates and fiber. A big favorite in most of Nigeria it is also widely eaten in  most of West and Sub Saharran Africa

Pounded Yam

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In Africa a lot of cultures Yams are  first boiled and pounded into a paste to make the traditional dish of “pounded yam”

Here it is served with Egusi Soup and Fresh Fish  but the combinations of  soups& stews are many so please ask for what you desire. We will be happy to accommodate you

Pounded Yam

Fried plantain & Rice

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Here served with Meat stew however Fish is also a possibility according to your taste

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