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Amala with Vegetable with fresh fish stew

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Àmàlà is a thick brown paste or porridge made from yam, which had been peeled, cleaned, dried and then blended into a flour. It is eaten in West Africa, primarily among the Yorùbá of Nigeria. Àmàlà is made by slicing yam which is a very popular root vegetable in Nigeria, drying and grinding it into yam flour which is then sieved and processed into amala by mixing the powder into boiling water and stirring it to a desired texture. It could be served with a variety of ọbẹ (soup), such as ẹfọ, ilá, ewédú, or gbegiri (black-eyed beans soup).




This dish is served here with Vegetable soup & Fresh fish stew however we are very flexible and you have a choice of soups and stews such as the most popular with the Yoruba- Ewedu& Gbegiri  so please don’t be shy we are a social people tell us what you want.



Suya (Beef)

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Suya (Beef )


Suya(beef) here is served using beef but we also have chicken for the same price so feel free to ask

Suya, is a shish kebab like food popular in West Africa, originally from the Hausa people of northern Nigeria and Niger. Suya is generally made with skewered beef, fish, or chicken. The meat is rubbed-in with tankora, a dry spice mix containing powdered groundnuts, cayenne pepper, ginger, paprika and onion powder, then barbecued. Suya is often served with a further serving of tankora and sliced onions. In Ghana, suya is also known by the name chichinga.

Suya has proved to be an extremely popular evening snack sold by many roadside vendors and restaurants in many West African cities with a Hausa population.

A same type of food is known in Sudan called Agashe.

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