A very tasty dish indeed

Nigerian fresh fish stew(obe eja tutu) is a healthy Nigerian stew that is cooked with fresh fish, tomatoes, peppers and spices. It is a great substitute for the Beef and chicken stew especially if you are watching your weight and also on a low calorie diet.

I love this fish stew because, you can prepare it with any type of fresh fish you have, although in Lagos state, most people prefer to cook with the Obokun fish (tilapia) or Catfish, but any fish will do just fine.

The Nigerian Fish stew is enjoyed with most staple Nigerian food, such as, boiled rice, boiled yams, boiled and fried plantains, beans recipes and a lot more. It is not unusual to see people add the fish stew to Nigerian soups or even take fufu meals with the fish stew in place of soup.

Fresh Fish Stew